Plat Maps

A geometric plan (plat map) is an inseperable part of documentations necessary for the registration in the real estate cadastre, if the subject of the registration needs to be depicted in the cadastral map.

Plat Maps

Plat maps usage

It is widely used in the following cases:

  • Change of kind of parcel borders
  • Completion of the cadaster by a parcel registered in the simplified register
  • Graphic representation of the claims that bound the parcel owner for the benefit of someone else
  • Specified demarcation mapping
  • The elaboration of resolutions and other documentation on legal relations towards real estate
  • The release of house inspection decisions
  • Change in cadastral area borders and municipality borders
  • Burden denotation (easement of access, right of passage, engineering sites etc.)

Our company has had rich experience with the plat maps elaboration since its beginning in 1993. As a part of their execution, it provides consultancy regarding Real Estate Cadastre, which is free of charge.

Selected references in the area of plat maps

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